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Brave a new level of cold

What do the LA Lakers, Minnesota Vikings, Atlanta Falcons and Buffalo Bills have in common? They all use Everest Cryo! As industry leaders we promise to deliver the latest and greatest technology, and now the best "freeze" of your life is coming on January 16.

EVEREST CRYO is coming this month!

Welcome to Dallas's first and only all-electric cryotherapy experience... featuring our safest, largest and most spacious chamber to date. Our fully-enclosed Everest Cryo allows for complete session customization- think everything from color, intensity and time to tailor your session to your unique needs.

Everest Cryo is non-nitrogen, which not only means peace of mind for your safety, but virtually no "pre-cool" times, changing tanks or waiting for the machine to pull nitrogen before beginning your session. Combined with a facility update that features two new private changing areas, your experience with our new Everest Cryo will be the most pleasant and efficient yet. By removing nitrogen from the process entirely, Everest Cryo allows for a maximum skin temperature drop WITHOUT the harshest temperatures. This triggers the body’s natural healing process, raising the heart rate and rushing blood to the core during the session, and restoring and relaxing the body afterward.

Ready to take the leap? Book your session today!

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