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Our work from home tips

How to take care of your body during a pandemic, from boosting your immunity to managing your stress.

As we get accustomed to a new “normal,” many of us have transitioned to working from home in full or in part. While it is a great solution to keep each other safe and healthy, working from home can take a toll on the body and mind. See our tips below for making the most of remote work.

Establish a routine

While it may be tempting to stay in pajamas all day or bring your laptop into bed, maintaining a routine helps you stay productive and reduce stress. Ideally, the place you work should be in a separate room from the place you sleep so your body and mind can focus and relax at the appropriate times. Whatever you used to do to prepare for work or school, be it getting coffee to go or changing clothes, try to keep up with your habits even if you’re just moving from the bed to the desk!

Move, move, and move some more!

Take frequent breaks to get up, stretch, or go for a brisk walk outdoors. Changing your scenery can help break up the monotony of staying home, and frequent movement will help prevent fatigue! Stick to a regular exercise schedule to keep your lungs, heart and muscles strong and healthy.

Stay connected

Socialization with loved ones is one of the most important determinants of health. According to 2014 research by John and Stephanie Cacioppo, a sense of loneliness can impair executive functioning, sleep, and mental and physical well-being. Whether your loved ones are close or far away, make time for frequent FaceTime calls or socially-distanced time together. Spend time with those in your household and check in on your friends and family often- we are all in this together!

Boost your mental and physical recovery

Sometimes even with the best habits, we all need a little boost from time to time. Whatever makes you feel energized and recharged, from a quick cryo session to an hour in the sauna, make self-care a priority!

Set goals, but make time to relax.

Our GameDay Ready Recovery Zone family is all about crushing our goals and helping you to do the same. Sometimes that may be running a marathon, other times it may be having the strength to do small tasks like cooking meals, keeping up with your to-do list, or simply getting through the day. Comparison is a thief of joy, so make sure your goals are authentic to YOU!

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