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whole body cryo

Boost HRV and recharge your whole body, naturally


infrared sauna

Detox, breathe easy and break a healthy sweat 




Hydrate, replenish and nourish from the inside out

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compression therapy

Boost circulation and relieve muscle aches


red light therapy

Rejuvenate and repair your body's cells

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Invaluable insights into your body composition

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Whole body cryotherapy is the application of dry, hyper-cooled air to the skin for the purposes of regeneration, energy, and relief from pain and inflammation. Aid your body's own healing processes by enhancing circulation, increasing HRV, improving vagal tone, decreasing inflammation and boosting energy naturally! 

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iv therapy

IV therapy delivers vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and electrolytes intravenously, ensuring 100% absorption by your cells. Recover quickly and perform optimally with cocktails for hydration, energy, pre- and post-GameDay, metabolism and more!

IV Therapy - Service

Red light therapy (PBMT) destroys the free radicals that cause oxidative stress at a cellular level. Boost your immunity, enhance your performance, shorten your recovery time, clear your skin, improve energy and relieve pain from injuries and inflammation in just 10 minutes.

Red Light Therapy - Service

red light therapy


halotherapy infrared salt sauna

Halotherapy is a relaxing sauna experience that mimics the microclimate of a salt cave. Combined with infrared heat, salt detoxifies your body and promotes respiratory, immune and lymphatic health.

Sauna - Service

NormaTec's patented pulse massage pattern mobilizes fluids out of tired, overworked limbs, improves circulation and alleviates soreness to expedite your recovery and improve your overall mobility.

NormaTec - Service

compression therapy

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Measure more than weight. Inbody gives you insights into your caloric needs, body fat percentage, lean muscle mass, cellular water levels, weight gain/loss recommendations and more.

inbody - Service

inbody scans

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